My favorite fashion/style inspiration films

Hello again! 

Today i wanted to share with you my favorite movies to watch for fashion fun and inspiration. 

Clueless: I think this movie is on just about every fashion girls lists. It made me fall in love with fashion and styling as a teenager and although some of the outfits a crazy, they are still fun! 

Sex and the City: the movie 1 & 2: These happen to be my favorite movies in general as well as a big fashion inspiration for me. The ladies in these films are always dressed beautifully, no matter what scene it is. It makes me just want to put on my heels and hit the town!

 The Devil Wears Prada: This is a favorite because its all about a small town girl making it in the big city. It also gives insight into how it could be working for a fashion magazine and a bosszilla. 

 Breakfast at Tiffany's: This movie is a classic. I think that every fashion lover should see it at least once. The clothes are great and Audrey Hepburn is lovely.

Funny Face: This is another classic Audrey Hepburn movie. Its about an ordinary woman who goes from working in a bookstore to becoming a fashion model. It makes you feel like anyone can make it.

Grease: I love all the different costumes from this era. Although its a musical, i mainly watch it for the looks that each character wears, especially the pink ladies.  

Spice World: This one may seem like a funny choice, but when I was younger I loved the Spice Girls and their crazy style. So I find it fun to be able to watch the movie and look back at what they used to dress like.

Well thats it for now. Im sure there are lots of movies out there that could be included, but these are my most watched. I hope you enjoy and check out some of these films on your next movie night!

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