How I Created A Nail Rack!

by - August 18, 2013

Am i the only one who has what seems to be a million different nail polishes? Well i got tired of them lying around everywhere so I decided to find something to stored them in. My mother happens to be a pro at thrift shopping so i like to believe a little of that rubbed off in me. So i tagged along on one of her thrifting trips and ran across an interesting looking shelf (which i later found out was an old cassette tape rack).  I bought it for $1 and went home to start my new project. 

First i gathered all my materials.. 
The cassette rack
Screw driver
Craft paper

Next I lifted and pulled all the cassette slots off of the shelf and threw them away..

After that i cut strips of paper to cover up the sticky mess left over from the cassette slots.. 

I then made holes at the top and attached it to the wall.. 

Then came the fun part of putting in my polishes.. Unfortunately i have so many that i could only put in the polishes i use in summer, the rest i stored on old acrylic rack i found at the thrift store.. 

I always have my out for cool things i can upcycle, you should do the same! 

Hope you enjoyed!

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