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by - August 22, 2013

Hello there, 

I wanted to share a couple looks with you guys that i have worn to work. There are several different styles. Most of the pieces are basic but i added a pop of color or a piece of statement jewelry. 

Lets check them out!
Flowy tops and feminine skirts work perfect together. Although, if your skirts are on the shorter side like mine, then you can offset them with a pair of tights. 

A colored blazer with a white tank is basic while being fun and stylish. I added a necklace that i put together with a pocket watch pendant and chain that i found at some thrift stores. 

A lot of people dont like thing being too matchy matchy but i tend to match my accessories to my outfits a lot. I feel that matching some things is not a problem as long as you dont go overboard. Now dont get confused and go wearing all your earrings, necklaces, shoes, bags, makeup and everything all the same color cause you could end up a big ball of color. Just pick one or two items to match like i did here with my blazer and shoes.

Maxi dresses can go from casual days to work days with a few accessory changed. I like to add a waist belt and a blazer or jacket to make it more structured.

Pencil skirts are an essential piece when it comes to your work wardrobe. I have a ton of them in all different colors and patterns because they can be paired with  lots of tops. Tops with embellished collars are great for days when you sont want to wear a ton of jewelry. You can match them with a pair of studs or small earrings, and even add in a ring or two.

Colored pants are fun to wear but can be over whelming for some. The perfect way to wear them is to go basic on the top. Try to wear a simple top or basic black blazer to try and balance out the look. Now if your feeling bold, then you cam always put another color on top, just make sure that it is a complimentary color.

Basic pieces and monotone looks can be elevated with the help of accented shoes. I have a lot of flats in my closet but all of them (with the exception of basic black ones) have something that makes them special. I think that flats are also an essential piece to the wardrobe, especially since everyone has a day where they dont want to wear high heels.

I hope that you enjoyed these looks and try out some of them on your own! 

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