Bedroom makeover!

by - October 09, 2014

Hello lovelies! 

One thing that i think i got from my mother was my impulse to change my surroundings. Every once in a while i get the urge to change a room around or switch up colors and fabrics. With the seasons changing it seems like the perfect time to add some fall inspiration to my bedroom.

Accent pillows are popular in interior design right now and when i saw these gold and white ones i fell in love! 

However, i wasnt looking forward to the herty price tag that comes along with designer pillows. So i had the bright idea to make my own! 

I went to Joanne fabrics and picked up different shades of gold fabric and some gold puffy paint (which i used to be obsessed with as a child) so i could begin my little project. 

I knew i wanted to have some wording on my pillows so i printed out some stencils of a song lyric and the names of the fashion capitols. 

The first thing i did was cut the fabric to fit the pillows..

The next thing i did was start the stenciling so it would have time to dry before i had to sew the pillows together..

Once all the words dried and all the fabric was cut, i sewed all the fabric pieces together, trimmed the edges and corners, then flipped them inside out so that i could put in the pillows. I left a snall piece open in one side of the covers so i could squeeze the pillows in. I then fluffed them and hand stitched the remaining opening closed. 

I designed all the pillows to be reversible so i could could change the look up from day to day. I really like the way they came out! 

Overall i had fun making over my bed, and i think it came out great! 

Here is a picture if my old bedding..

And here is th new set up.. 

I added the throw pillow as a finishing touch to make it warm and cozy. I also placed some small pumpkins around the room to add to Fall decor. 

Hope you enjoyed my little makeover! 

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