DIY Affirmations!

by - November 25, 2014

Hello lovelies,

Welcome back to my blog. Lately i have been needing a little more motivation and wanted a pick me up. I also wanted to find a way to make myself smile more. I have a friend who mentioned trying positive affirmations. If you're unsure of what an affirmation is, then let me explain. Affirmations are little sayings that you can repeat to yourself everyday to put you in a better mindset. They can range from success and money to love and happiness. Its best if you say them everyday and you can repeat them as many times as you like. 

For this project i wanted to create a moodboard/ affirmation collage. I searched a few sites and chose my favorite sayings to include. One of my favorite ones is "i choose to be happy."

If you would like to make one as well then follow along... 

The materials you will need double sided tape, scissors, pens of your choice, assorted paper, and a pretty frame.

First decide on what paper your going to use and how you would like to arrange them in the background. 

Next write down all of your affirmations and cut them out; i chose to cut mine into stars and hearts.

Then arrange the shapes your cut out on to your new background. 

After you have set them up, usethe double sided tape to lock them in place. (I chose to use tape instead of glue just in case i wanted to switch out for different affirmations in the future)

When everything is set the way you like it you can then out your frame back together. The finished product should look something like this.

I think it came out perfect and i plan on saying my affirmations all the time! I hope you enjoyed this DIY and try it out for yourself. They might even make great gifts for family and friends. 

Thanks for stopping by. Ill have more for you guys in the future! 

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