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by - December 20, 2014

The holidays have always been one of the best times to do DIYs, and everyone knows I love a good project! I consider wrapping presents to be one of the best parts about the holidays. I enjoy running out and getting all the pretty paper, bows, and boxes. Every year i notice that i always take more care in wrapping my presents than some of my family and friends. (That's probably because they figure that the paper will just be ripped off anyways in the end so why bother) However, i think that the presentation of the gift is most of the fun in opening a gift. 

With all that being said, i decided to do blog all about how to wrap a present. I hope this will help out some of you who may need some pointers. 

First we need to gather all our supplies... 

Next we will need a flat surface to work on ( i used a piece of flexi glass that i ise for crafting)... 

After we have everything we need, we can begin! 

We can start with a small gift, for instance a book that i purchased for a fashionable friend of mine..

1) You will need to remove any price tags that may be on you gift
2) Lay your present on the paper so that you can measure exactly how much you need, this way you dont waste paper
3) Lay your gift face down so that you will have a smooth surface to work with, this will also help with no leaving any tape marks once the gift is open
4) Fold one side over half of the gift and tape it down to ensure the present wont move around 

5) Fold the other half of your paper over top of the piece that you have already taped down
6) Turn the gift to the side where you still have opened paper
7) Pinch the corner pieces inward to create points and fold the flap down
8) Take the other flap and fold it up
9) Tape down you flats and voila! You have a perfect edge

Now youre gift is all wrapped and ready to add the nametag..

I used some cute little cards that i found at the dollar store so I could  add a personal message to each one..

Next you can move on to gifts that have odd shapes. You should find a box that is big enough for your gift so that you will have an easier time wrapping it. The wrapping process will be the same as above after that. 

Okay now we will move on to gift cards! I dont like to use conventional envelopes for gift cards so i chose to pick a box that was more fun. I found this cute take out box at the dollar tree. 

Make sure to check that the balance has been put on the card before wrapping it. It would definitely be embarassing if you gave out an empty card! 

1) Lay your paper flat
2) Pinch the center of the paper and pull upwards to form a come shape
3) Place the paper cone down into the box or bag and spread open
4) Open up the paper and place the card into the opening

5) Close the paper by pushing it down inside of the box and close it

Here we have, a cute package for a friend! 

You can also use a gift bag to wrap a bigger gift..

1) Place the gift into the proper size bag 
2) Use a sheet of paper to cover the gift
3) Follow the same steps as above to pinch the paper
4) Put two or three pieces of paper cone side down into the bag and spread them open
Using proper paper will ensure that the gift comes out looking professional. It shows that you put effort in to what you were doing. You will have people thinking you're a pro in no time!

When you're all done then you will have a set up similar to mine. Here are all my gifts after i finished wrapping.. 

I hope you enjoyed and found these tips helpful and enjoy your holidays! 

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