DIY jewelry display!

by - February 08, 2015

Its about time that I posted something. Im sure some people have wondered why its has taken me so long but all that matters is that im back, right? 

Today i decided to post one of my favorite DIYs. It is easy to make and you can use it to hold almost anything from candy and cupcakes to jewelry and make up. 

All you need to start is a glue gun (or any sort of strong glue you may have on hand,) a variety of plates and or bowls, a sharpie for marking, and candle stick holders to use as bases.  I found most of my materials at a thrift store. 

First i started by marking the center of my plates with the sharpie. Make sure to try to make it as centered as possible. 

Second, i applied a liberal amount of glue to the bigger of the two candle stick holders and pressed it firmly to the bottom plate. Then place more glue on top of this base before placing the next plate on top of it. 

Repeat the previous step for the next two layers, and it will end up looking something like this... 

Once you are dry and set in place you can start to decorate it with whatever you choose to put on it. I decided to go with a mix of jewelry and makeup. 

I hope you enjoyed my little DIY and try it out for yourself! 😘

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