Clearing my mind!

by - June 10, 2015

Have you ever been so caught up in everything that's going on in your busy life that you forget why your you are so busy in the first place? Well i have! I am famous for starting so many things at once that i end up not focusing on what's truly important. 

Recently i have come to the conclusion that i need to take more time out for myself. I decided that i want to start doing things more activites that will help me to do so. One of my favorite things to do has been going on new adventures outdoors.

This week I joined two of my best friends on a long walk through one of our favorite spots. Its located down by the river so it has soothing background noise and beautiful sites. 

While we were out we had the chane to chat and relax in our surroundings. It turned out to be a very calming experience that we all enjoyed. We made a pact to go on lots more of these adventures and to explore every part of our little city. 

I recommend that everyone takes out a little time to get out of your normal day to day schedule and try something new. Clearing your head can be an amazing experience and can even improve the way you handle things when you get back to your normal routine. 

I hope you enjoyed the post and come back to check out what other adventures i can get myself into!

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