Grown Up Tea Party!

by - March 09, 2016

Hello Lovelies,

Have you ever wanted to attend one of those swanky parties with all the beautiful people? I have! Getting to have drinks, eat little finger foods, and have small talk, all while looking great sounds like it would be a blast!

Well I heard about this cool event being thrown by Fairmont Hotels. They throw all kinds of cool parties and events on the West Coast. They are throwing a fashionable tea event soon and it sounds like its going to be exciting. What girl doesn't love a good tea party, right? This particular event got me thinking about what I would wear if I was going.

I decided pick out several different looks so that you guys could get some inspiration too. I paired the outfits with some gorgeous pictures from the Fairmont San Francisco. Check them out and let me know what you think!

This is the "Whimsical" look. It reminds me of a princess because of the tutu. The nude color is a great color for day or night time and the dainty layered necklaces pair perfectly. The studs on the shoes add some subtle bling while the flower crown is that little something extra.

This is the "Feminine" look. The lace in the dress is classic feminine. It is paired with some patent leather nude pumps and suede purse. I think the mixing  of all the textures  makes it more interesting. For the jewelry I kept it light so as to not compete with the dress. Dangling earrings and bracelets are great for that.


This is the "Sassy" look. Red is a bold color and daring for sure. The modest lines of the dress balance well with this bright color choice. I have always liked gold and red together so I chose some statement pieces in that metallic shade to go with the dress. I am in love with these shoes and I think they complete this look.

This is the "Vivid"look. It is so bright and cheerful. I like that the dress is light and flows along the body (that's helpful if you love the snacks like I do!). I paired an etched bag to add some depth. The diamond earrings, beautiful bangles, and silver pumps finish off playful look.

This is the "Tranquil" look. The color is calming and great for daytime events. The waist line is my favorite part about the dress because it draws your eyes inward. The low neckline is balanced out by the long earrings. I layered the look with a long blazer which can be worn on just the trip there or throughout the whole party. The shoes pair well with the coat and dress alike.

This is the "Classic". Its for the women who feel strong in pants. Black and white is a classic combo hence the name of course. The dainty top keeps the look extra feminine, especially with the pretty tie around the neck. I have lots of things I love about this outfit but I most enjoy the fun handbag because of the playful perfume bottle shape. The jewelry and shoes definitely add some flair as well.

Well I hope you enjoyed my little fashion show, so to speak. If any of you guys get invited to any similar events I hope you can be inspired by my looks (and don't forget to invite me to)! Also, check out some of the Fairmont Hotels for yourself, they're gorgeous!

Special thanks to Fairmont Hotels, specifically their San Francisco Hotel, for the beautiful pictures and the information on your awesome events!

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