Dark Moon Rising

by - December 01, 2016

A walk downtown can seem like a simple thing, but it could turn into an adventure. There are so many things to see when you actually pay attention. The hidden alleys, old houses, brick walkways, and cool vintage shops of those downtown streets make me feel like somewhat of an Alice in my very own Wonderland. I could lose myself for hours just wandering around if I didn't keep track of the time.

I thought that downtown would be the perfect place to capture this look. I liked the way my all black outfit played off  the urban background of the city streets.

A leather jacket is a staple. Whether it be faux or not, everyone should own one. You can add a little rocker vibe to any outfit just by throwing on a leather jacket. I own a few of them in different styles myself. They have become some of my go to pieces for Fall.

I love booties! They are easier to wear than tall boots since you don't have to pull them up your legs (Thick calf problems). Booties come in so many variations it can be hard to resist the urge to buy every pair I see. The ones I chose to wear with this look are all black and have just the right amount of heel. I could dance around in these things or walk for hours and still feel comfortable. 

Black pants are another staple in my closet. I wear them with everything. They also just so happen to pair great with booties.

As you can see, i enjoy my time downtown. I look forward to travelling to different cities and checking out what their downtown streets have to offer. I plan on taking lots of pictures and hopefully sharing with you all along the way. Until then, I hope you enjoyed this post!

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