5 Small Gifts That Mean A Lot

by - February 12, 2017

So it looks like it's that time again. The stores have brought out the candy, the hearts, the cards, and my personal favorite, the chocolate. I haven't always been a fan of Valentine's day. It just brings up memories of high school and the dreaded Carnation exchange, where you could buy a flower and send it to your valentine. Needless to say I never received any of those. Anyways, these days most of my Valentine activity includes getting candy and cards for my closest family and friends.Every once in a while there is a special someone I get a little extra for.

Sometimes is tough to think of what to get someone you care about. You just have to keep in mind that you don't have to spend a lot to show someone that you care. Even a small gift can mean a lot if it comes from the heart. I decided to share some of my small gift ideas so you guys can get inspired.

Flowers -------------------------
The first gift I chose is flowers. You can choose to get however many you want. A single rose can have the same affect as a full bouquet, so the decision is really up to you. If you want to score extra points you can do a little research to find out what their favorite flowers are.

Goodies -------------------------
Next, I picked the gift of goodies. Who doesn't love a sweet treat, right? This is one of my favorites because you can choose something from any price range. Some of my favorites are chocolate covered strawberries and red velvet cupcakes. If you do choose this category just make sure if the person you are giving it to is a fan of sweet treats. If not then maybe go with some fruit instead.

Cards ---------------------------
My next gift is an "oldie but goodie." A card can be a great gift if you are on a budget. To make it more special you can write a special message inside instead of just signing your name. You can talk about how you met, why they are special to you, or even an inside joke, the options are endless. If you don't want to buy a card, you can make it yourself and that makes it even more personal.

Balloons ------------------------
The next gift I chose is balloons. I like balloons because they are playful and fun You can get them for great prices too. There are so many different choices when it comes to picking them out. I like the ones that come in different shapes the most. You don't have to be limited to just red either, you could pick out their favorite color instead.

Candles -------------------------

Lastly, I chose candles. I am a big fan of candles. I usually go for the sweet smelling ones myself. However, its up to you to choose the scent that work best for you. Check with the person you are giving it to just to see what kind of scents they might enjoy. Ladies generally like sweet or floral scents, while gentleman enjoy rich or woodsy smells.

I think that anyone, girl or guy, would enjoy receiving any of these gifts. The most important thing is that they will be enjoying your company on that special day. Hopefully you enjoyed my insight and stop by again to see what I might be getting into next.

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