Emerald Isle

by - February 16, 2017

Green is a powerful color. It's the color of health and wealth, power and growth, and it has even been said to promote the feeling of calmness. People have always told me I look nice in the color green and I suppose it's fitting since it is the color of my birthstone (the emerald).


Recently I have been obsessed with this shade of green. I purchased this long vest and thought it would be perfect to create a look with. I decided to pair the new vest with my favorite pair of jeans at the moment and some taupe booties. these jeans are my favorite because of the higher waist and the light wash.


I think the colors of the outfit overall worked well together. The basic white top broke up the colors just the way i wanted. It's always great to have a basic tee, whether it be long sleeve or short. I always go for v-neck versions because my chest is on the larger side and it frames it well. If you have a smaller chest, choose crew neck tees to emphasize the girls. Make sure that you grab a couple different color tees as well so you can pair them with all sorts of different looks.

I hope you enjoyed this look and try out some green in your next outfit.

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