How To Style Camo

by - March 03, 2017

I live in an area where there are a lot of military families. I always thought the uniforms they are wear were cool. I was searching through one of my local Goodwill stores (as I often do) and came across an awesome find. Someone had donated all of their former uniforms, so I was able to score an authentic jacket. Needless to say, I was super excited! I have been searching for the perfect one for months. It's the perfect length and size for me. So in honor of my new treasure, I thought I would throw out some styling tips for those of you who would like to create your own camo style.


"Camo can add a touch of "toughness" to any outfit"

Camo can add a touch of "toughness" to any outfit. There are no rules when it comes to how you style it. You can throw on sneakers or heels, a skirt or jeans, or even a little black dress, the choice is yours. I tried to do a variety of looks to show the versatility of the jacket.

 The "Casual Chic" Look

I like this look because it is comfy yet cute. Every girl has their favorite pair of jeans so this look is great for anyone. I like the easy going feel to it. I chose to dress it up with nude heels because it gives it adds a little chicness to the edgy feel of the jacket. You can wear flats or heels depending on your mood or where you are going.

The "Chill" Look


This look was easy to shoot thanks to the stretchy pants and sneakers. Everything is basic so you can find the pieces just about anywhere. This look is perfect for errands, hanging out with friends, or even to wear during travel.

The "Little Black Dress" Look


This look was one of my favorites because it is so versatile. You could switch our the hat (this one I actually borrowed from my boyfriend since I think it looks pretty good on me) and shoes to give it a whole different vibe. These boots lace all the way up to the top which is sort of an accessory in itself so I wore a basic black dress. That way the focus would be on the jacket and the boots. This look is great for a night out or a day date with friends.

The "Dressy But Not Too Dressy" Look


I chose this dress mainly because of the color. I have been obsessed with it lately. The fabric is also super soft so it easy to wear. The thigh high boots and long sleeves make it easy to wear this look during the Fall  and Winter. You could switch out the boots for flats or sneakers if you wanted to wear it in the summer. It could also look cute it you tie the jacket around your waist. You could wear this look to class, out to a game, or while running around the city.

I had fun shooting these looks because I kept coming up with new ideas for how to wear my jacket. There are so many more looks I could create, but that could take forever to post. I will definitely be posting new looks on my social media accounts though.

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