Getting Healthy Again

by - June 08, 2017

Have you ever felt like you have hit a wall? I have definitely been feeling this way lately. I have been going through the motions and not really taking good care of myself. Eating fast food, not exercising, and laying around on the couch have been some of my downfalls. I can tell that it is not only affecting my body through weight gain, but it is also affecting my mind. I have issues with anxiety and stress so all my bad habits just amplify those issues. I have decided that it is time for a change! I want to make myself feel and look better.

"Starting a new healthy journey is never easy"
Stating a new health journey is never easy. You have to know what to eat, what exercises to do, how to stay motivated, and more. It's going to be tough, but if I stick to it, then I can do it!

The first thing i did, was hit the internet. We all know that there is a wealth of information online. I looked up new exercises to try, healthy recipes. healthy routines, and ways to stay motivated. I found so many cool sites about tips for working out and how to stay healthy. One of my favorite places to search was Pinterest, because they have bright and colorful photos to go along with the posts. Next, I asked different people for advice on what they do to stay healthy. Talking to others can help because it comes from real life experience. Now that I have compiled all my info, I thought I would share what I found with you all.

Eating Right

  • Drink LOTS of water - this will cleanse your system and help you stay hydrated
  • Practice portion control - eating less will help you lose weight and stay on track
  • Eat MORE veggies - this will provide you with the vitamins your body needs
  • Try new recipes - keeping your options open will keep you from getting bored and falling back into bad habits
  • Reach for better snacks - try eating things like nuts, green tea, cucumbers, fruits, avocado, dark chocolate, etc to help you stay full

Working Out

  • Stick to a routine schedule- having a set schedule will help you better stick to your workout goals
  • Change up your exercises- find new moves to do to insure that you don't get bored and that your body stays alert (apps like sworkit and my fitness pal)
  • Use protein shakes/snacks- having these will help you rebuild muscle
  • Try Epsom salt baths and massages- use to help combat soreness (believe me, you WILL be sore)
  • Do activities that are fun- this will keep you engaged but also push you to stay active

Staying Motivated

  • Find a workout buddy- having someone to push you through can be helpful
  • Buy cute outfits/shoes to exercise in- you will be excited to get dressed and try out your new stuff
  • Create an awesome workout playlist - music will help keep your mood elevated and your body moving
  • Read books and blogs, and watch videos- these will provide you will new tips you can use

For the most part, it is important just to remember not to beat yourself up. Just focus on the things that you DID do and what you were able to accomplish. Good luck on your journeys!

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