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by - June 09, 2017

Uh oh, here we go again! They set out that infamous "2 for $24" sign and I get swept in the door. It happens every time!

I know I'm not the only one who gets sucked in by Bath and Body Works and their glorious scents.I have gotten to the point where I don't even try to fight it anymore. After all, who doesn't love a lovely smelling home, right?

(Mineral Springs and Blue Water Lily)

Candles can be used for more than just scents. Candles are great decorating as well. For instance, I picked some pretty jars and holders to match my metallic decor. You can set them on you desk, on a bookcase, next to the television, or on your table as an accent. Candles are also great for setting a mood or tone in a space. If you want to relax you can light a candle near the bath and soak away. If you are dreaming of a far away place and need some inspiration, you can also grab a candle to help you escape. Let's not forget to light some candles for those romantic nights as well.

My latest haul is my favorite so far, because of the cute new designs. I have included a few of the scents that I chose for you just in case you want to check them out for your self. Enjoy!

St. Tropez Shore
Scents include sea salted bergamot, sun lilies, and cote d'azur coconut.

White Sand Beaches
Scents include deep blue waters, soft woods, coastal tiara flowers, and sea salted lavender.

Black Chamomile
Scents include bamboo charcoal extract and chamomile essential oil

Beach Cabana
Scents include beachside jasmine, orange blossom, and warm white sands.

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