The Meaning Behind My Tattoos

Tattoos are a tricky subject. Everybody has their own opinions on the subject. Some people feel that they are unnecessary and you shouldn't mark your body. While some others feel that they are an expressions of one's self. I believe the latter; everyone has the right to express themselves and tattoos are just a means to do so. I, personally, wouldn't get anything to crazy. I prefer to stick to minimal ones.

I was always intrigues by tattoos before I got mine. I would see others with them and wonder what they meant or if they hurt. I have a slight fear (okay, big fear) of needles, so I assumed that it was the same kind of pain. I would daydream about what I would get if I were to visit the tattoo parlor. When it came to actually going in, I would chicken out. I am thankful that I didn't end up with some of those designs I had found before. I would've been stuck with a giant Tinker Bell on my lower back or some other random character! It took me years to actually get my first tattoo and I am happy I decided to wait.

I currently have four tattoos. They all have special meaning to me. I thought for a while about them and felt that I would get things that I would be happy to show for the rest of my life. Each of my tattoos share a little bit of my life. I find them to be a good conversation starter when people notice them as well

-My Tattoos-

This one was my very first tattoo. It is actually my dad's signature. I was able to get a copy of it after he passed away. I was devastated by his passing and wanted a way to always have him with me. It's very personal to me because my dad meant so much to me (I am definitely a daddy's girl). I am able to look at it everyday and remember his life. It was such a big hit when I got it, that my little brother actually wants the same one now,

I picked this design because of my anxiety. I have struggled with anxiety and depression ever since my dad passed away. Some days are worse than others, but I am able to get through day by day. I wanted to get something to remind myself that things will get better and that bad days will pass. I picked the scripture that said "This too shall pass". It represented something that I always need to hear. I wanted something in script, so I looked up different fonts. This one was perfect for me, because I like how you can't tell what it says immediately.

This tiny airplane is a fun one. It represents my ever growing wanderlust. Traveling is one of my favorite things to do. I wanted something that was small, interesting, and expressed my love of exploring. Since flying is my preferred way to travel, a jet seemed to be fitting. I decided not to fill it in because i like the way the single outline looks. I had them point it up and away from my wrist so it looks like the planes is constantly taking off.

My latest tattoo is this line of roman numerals. This one was tricky because I didn't know where I wanted it to be placed. I chose to have it go straight down my upper/inner bicep. I feel like it might have looked better if I had it placed further down, but now that I have had it for a little while, the placement is growing on me. It says 28-5-30. This is significant to me because it represents my father's and my birthday, which are May 28th and May 30th. I got it as another little reminder of how close we were, and still are in spirit.

In the future, I will be getting more tattoos for sure. I have a few designs picked out already, so it's just a matter of time before I get those. As I go through life and experience more and more, I will find new things that I want to remember. I think that having a little symbol that will always be with me is a great way to do that.

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  1. In the USA it is very rare to find a meaningful tattoo. I appreciate it. However
    I also got a meaning tattoo from Tattoo Design Inc. As tattoo will stay life long with us so everyone should get a tattoo but a meaningful one



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