Baby It's Cold Outside!

by - January 24, 2019

I’m back! I admit it has taken me some time to get back here with you all. I have been working on myself. Sometimes it is important to take some time to find yourself and your inspiration. It is easy to get burned out on ideas. I wanted my content to be something I am excited about. It is important to love what I am producing. After all, if I don’t enjoy my own work then how could I expect others to enjoy what I put out there? With all that being said, let’s get back into the swing of things!

So, I have sort of this love-hate thing with snow. I love how pretty and peaceful it looks while it’s falling. However, I do not enjoy the mess it becomes afterwards. I was fortunate enough to catch a snow day last week. I came up with the great idea to have a spontaneous snow shoot. I stepped outside with my Nikon (and my handsome fiancé photographer) and got to work. Let’s check out one of the looks I put together!

Winter Coats are essential. This one I actually found at the Goodwill. I love searching second hand shops for goodies. The brand is Land's End.

My extra-long button up shirt is from H & M and my skinny pants are from Body Central.

Boots are some of my favorite things. I got these from Shoe Dazzle in the style “Tieana Flat Boot”.

My gloves were a steal from Walmart. I like them because they have the touch fingers, so I can use my phone without taking them off.

I hope you all enjoyed my first winter look. I will be showing some other looks as well in my next posts. In the meantime, I will just keep working on my snowman building technique.

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